[2022 Fall Seminar] 12/27 Seminar Announcement


Dear Professors and Colleagues,

The seminar will be held on 12/27 (Tue.) at National Central University. Please refer to the following details for the seminar:
Speaker: Tian-Jing Wang (王添璟)
Central Police University, Department of Forensic Science
        Criminal Investigation Bureau
Topic: Increased Cognitive Load with Spatial Cueing Task Augments the P300 Amplitude Differences in EEG-based CIT Experiments
Date&Time: December 27th (Tue.), 14:00~16:00
• Seminar: 14:00~15:00
• Post-seminar: 15:00~16:00
• For NCU students: Research Center Building #2 (R3) Room 117 (太空及遙測研究中心大樓二期館 117室)