[Seminar 2021 Spring ] 3/30 Seminar Announcement


Chun-Shu Wei 魏群樹
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science/ECE/Education, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.

Dr. Chun-Shu Wei received the B.S. degree in EECS and the Master degree in electrical and control engineering from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan, in 2009 and 2011, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in bioengineering from the University of California San Diego (UCSD), USA, in 2017. In 2008, he was an exchange student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). He worked as a research intern at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, in 2016 and at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), USA, in 2017. In 2018-2019, he worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at Institute of Neural Computation, UCSD and later at the School of Medicine, Stanford University, USA. In 2019, he joined NCTU as an assistant professor and was awarded Hwa Tse Roger Liang Junior Chair Professor. His research interests include cognitive engineering, computational neuroscience, brain-computer interface, machine learning and biomedical data analysis. He serves as a guest editor for the Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, and as a reviewer for multiple journals including Biosensors and Bioelectronics, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, etc.

Research Interests

  • Cognitive engineering
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Brain-computer interface
  • Machine learning
  • Biomedical signal processing

Real-World EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces: Challenges and Trends

Date & Time :
2021/03/30 Tuesday, 14:00~16:00
Seminar: 14:00~15:00
Post-seminar meeting: 15:00~16:00

The 1st conference room, student activity center, NYCU. (國立陽明交通大學 活動中心第一會議室)