Visual Cognition Laboratory

Visual Cognition Laboratory (VCL) is located at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, National Central University, Taiwan. Human visual cognition and attention control are key research areas of this lab. VCL is dedicated to use its well-researched works on visual search and attention control and to develop products that can be used by humans to improve their visual cognition and attention control. Our current study interests:

  1. The neural mechanisms of vision, attention, working memory and cognitive control.
  2. The development of cognitive functions in preschoolers/schoolers and its intervention.
  3. The functional roles of exercise and cognitive training in cognitive development, decline and intervention.
  4. The application of noninvasive brain stimulation (NIBS; e.g. TMS, tDCS, tACS etc) in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuroscience (e.g. Depression, ADHD, AD and PD).
  5. Dynamic and nonlinear analytical method (e.g. Hilbert-Huang Transform, HHT; Holo-Hilbert Spectrum Analysis, HHSA) and its applications in time-series brain signal analysis (e.g. EEG; MEG).
  6. The integration of nonlinear analytical methods and EEG/NIBS in prevention, early detection and adaptive intervention in neuropsychiatric disorders (e.g. Depression, ADHD, AD and PD).


Principal Investigator: Chair Professor Chi-Hung Juan
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Phone: (03) 4227151 # 65210