Stress, Emotion Regulation, and Criminal Psychology Lab

 We are interested in the study of psychological stress and the range of effects it has on people’s well-being. Our research involves the study of stress and emotions and their bidirectional relationships with both psychological and physical health. Laboratory studies include psychophysiological reactions to psychosocial stressors, adaptation to psychological trauma, and the role of religion/spirituality in coping with psychological trauma. Applied studies include examination of cognitive behavioral therapy in treating various types of psychological disorders in the Asian cultural context. We are also studying and developing intervention programs aimed at increasing individuals’ emotional intelligence and their ability to regulate emotions and manage stress, as well as the effects these interventions may have on impulse control and well-being in general.

 Another line of investigation involves applied criminal psychology, including the study of sexual and violent offenders and concealed information tests (CIT, i.e., lie detection).


principle investigator-

陳永儀 助理教授


博三 謝宜儒(Yi-Ru Hsieh)

博二 王添璟 (Tian-Jing Wang)

碩一 詹庭蓁 (Ting-Zhen Zhan)

碩一黃義勝 (Yi-Sheng Wong)