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Date 2013-12-23 

References and Textbooks

The Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, National Central University and Group B (Cognitive Neuroscience) of the Institute of Neuroscience, National Yang Ming University are part of University System of Taiwan. Both Institutes aim to investigate and study human cognition and brain science. It is also an environment where students, teachers, and other academics can collaborate closely. The admission exam for either of the institutes is the same (i.e. Experimental Psychological Research Methods and Cognitive Neuroscience). Please see the admittance brochure for the final form of the exam.
1. Experimental Psychological Research Methods

Domains including statistics, experimental psychology, experimental design, and related areas.

1. Mayr E. (1998). This Is Biology. Harvard University Press. ISBN 9780674884694.
2. Stanovich KE. (2009). How to Think Straight about Psychology. (9th Edition). Allyn & Bacon. ISBN 0-205-68590-0.

2. Cognitive Neuroscience

An expanding field covering cognitive neuroscience and cognition and brain science. Domains covered include developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and biopsychology. The Gazzaniga reference is particularly recommended.

1. Gazzaniga MS, Ivry R and Mangun GR. (2008). Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind (3rd Edition). WW Norton, New York. ISBN-10: 0393927954.

3. Biopsychology

It is suggested to read one of the following thoroughly.

1. Kolb B and Whishaw IQ. (2009). An Introduction to Brain and Behavior. (3rd Edition). Worth Publishers. ISBN-10: 071677691X.
2. Pinel JPJ. (2009). Biopsychology. (8th Edition). Pearson. ISBN-10: 1292023252.
3. Carlson NR. (2001). Physiology of Behavior. (7th Edition). Pearson. ISBN-10: 0205308406.

4. Cognitive Psychology

It is suggested to read one of the following thoroughly.

1. Solso R, MacLin OH and MacLin MK. (2001). Cognitive Psychology. (8th Edition). Pearson. ISBN-10: 0205521088.
2. Sternberg R (2011). Cognitive Psychology. (6th Edition). Wadsworth Publishing Inc. ISBN-10: 1133313914.
3. Medin DL, Ross BH, and Markman AB. (2012). Cognitive Psychology. (5th Edition). John Wiley & Sons. ISBN-10: 047012914X.

5. Developmental Psychology
Either of the following is recommended.

1. Shaffer D and Kipp K. (2006). Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence. Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc. ISBN-10: 0495186783.
2. Berk L. (2012). Child development. (9th Edition). Pearson. ISBN-10: 0205197663.
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