[2021 Fall Seminar] 01/11 Seminar Announcement


The seminar on January 11th, 2022 (Tuesday) will be held at NCU (the second speech will be conducted through the Internet).


Please refer to the following details for the seminar:


< Session 1 >  Time: 14:00 ~ 14:40


  • Speaker:  Philip H. Tseng (曾祥非), Institute of Mind, Brain and Consciousness, Taipei Medical University


  • Topic:  Implicit Cognition and Limits of Consciousness: Clinical, Legal, and Social Implications

< Session 2 >  Time: 14:50 ~ 15:30

  • Speaker:  Shao-Chin Hung (洪紹芹), Psychology and Neural Science Visual Perception and Attention Lab, New York University


  • Topic: Modulation of feature-based attention in visual perceptual learning and its microsaccade correlate.
※ Please notice that there will be no post-seminar for both speakers.