[2022 Fall Seminar] 10/18 Seminar Announcement


The seminar on 10/18 (Tue) will be held online. Please refer to the following details for the seminar:


Speaker Dr. Pin Chun Chen 陳品錞

                 Postdoctoral Fellow

                 Department of Neurosurgery

   University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA


Topic:     The central-autonomic seesaw of sleep-dependent episodic memory and working memory improvements


Date & Time: October 18, 02:00-03:00 pm 

Seminar:02:00-03:00 pm

Post-seminar Q&A section:

Since this seminar will be held through video recording, we would not have a post-seminar this timeHowever, the question will be collected and sent to Doctor Chen, then answered via email.

Abstract: abstract.docx